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LIGL offers the legal expertise and business understanding that you should expect from a modern corporate law firm. Several of our lawyers come from leading partner positions in the largest law firms in Norway, all with extensive experience in their specific areas of law.

Our commitment is personal. Sound industry experience ensures that we contribute to efficient processes of a very high quality. We are therefore also used as legal advisors and commercial sparring partners in the ongoing operations of our clients.

Corporate law

We provide owners, boards and managers with guidance on a number of corporate law matters, including purchase and sale of companies and businesses, mergers, demergers, restructuring and reorganisation.

We provide owners, boards and managers with corporate governance advice, including procedures for general meetings and board meetings, clarification of shareholder rights, drafting of articles of association, rules of procedure for the board of directors and shareholders' agreements, as well as advice on share issues and demergers.


We also have the required expertise and experience to assess business law, commercial and tax related aspects of company transactions (purchase, sale, mergers and demergers, restructuring and reorganisation). We will assist you throughout the entire process from planning and structuring, through negotiations and drafting of contracts and agreements, to completion and, if necessary, subsequent restructuring.


Our lawyers have extensive teamwork experience from working closely with other M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) professionals. Depending on the complexity of a transaction, we draw on the expertise of audit and consulting experts that we have worked closely with for several decades. This means we can offer comprehensive solutions that take into account the financial, commercial and legal aspects of a transaction.

Restructuring and winding-up proceedings

Advice on debt negotiations, insolvency and winding-up proceedings.

Kjersti Fossum Engnæs is regularly appointed as a bankruptcy trustee, and our lawyers also regularly assist in debt negotiations.

Our lawyers have broad experience in all aspects of enforced collection and lien procedures. We can also provide advice on procedures and issues relating to directors' liability as well as other matters relating to damages.

We can assist you with:

  • Administrator services
  • Advice to boards of directors and owners of companies in financial distress
  • dept negotiations
  • Reorganisations and creditor negotiations
  • Recovery and enforced collection of debt
  • Legal proceedings for courts of law

Trade and industry

Negotiations, contracts and dispute resolution in the entire retail chain.

We cover the entire retail chain within many different industries – from manufacturing, through intermediaries, to sales and end customers. Our clients are active in the industries of industrial design, energy, electronics and technical systems, mechanical components, health services, food, clothes and textiles, chemicals, construction materials and consumer goods.

Some examples of the types of cases we handle:

  • Drafting and negotiation of agreements within all parts of the retail chain, including manufacturing agreements, sales agreements, distribution agreements and agency agreements
  • Drafting and negotiation of franchise agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Collaboration and joint venture agreements
  • Dispute resolution within all parts of the retail chain
  • Dispute resolution related to third parties outside the retail chain, including copycats

Innovation and R&D

Protection of technology, design and other creative work

Good contracts with the right partners at the right time are key to protecting and managing rights as a result of research and development.

Be it technology, product design or other creative work – our lawyers can provide strategic and practical advice on protecting and managing R&D rights.

Over the years, we have acquired broad experience from industry, legal and public sector activities, which means we can provide valuable, bespoke assistance for each of our clients

We have extensive experience from:

  • Consulting, negotiations and legal drafting of documents
  • Licensing agreements, R&D collaboration agreements, agency agreements and distribution agreements
  • Dispute resolution in or outside of court

Copyright and technology

Protection and management of value-creating intellectual property rights (IPR)

We can help prepare an IPR strategy that supports our clients' primary objectives. We can assist with trademark and design applications, and we have strong partnerships with technically qualified patent advisers to help you secure patents.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Protecting and managing technology rights (patents, know-how and trade secrets)
  • Product design and brands
  • IRP interpretation and dispute resolution, including court proceedings
  • Advising on the drafting of strong commercial agreements which stimulate innovation and collaboration

Oil service

Contract law, employment law, intellectual property rights and dispute resolution in the petroleum industry.

Our lawyers have provided advice to oil service industries for several decades. This has provided us with extensive knowledge of the industry and particular insight into the challenges facing suppliers to the industry.

Our legal advice services cover a wide range:

  • Contract law
  • Employment law
  • Intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • Dispute resolution

Real estate and commercial property

Property financing, funds and development, rental and leasing contracts, construction contracts – and more!

We provide legal services to major players in the property sector value chain, such as investors, property companies, construction companies, property developers, estate agents, facilitators, tenants and property managers.

Our services include:

  • Property financing
  • Transactions
  • Property funds
  • Property development
  • Planning law
  • Contracts and construction
  • Rental and leasing contracts
  • Dispute resolution


Advice on certain aspects of tax law

We advise our clients on certain aspects of tax law.

These include:

  • Choice of model for company restructuring, mergers, demergers and acquisitions
  • Generational succession
  • Tax issues relating to employee incentive schemes
  • Audit assistance
  • Property tax

Entrepreneurial companies – start-ups and scale-ups

We provide strategic and legal assistance for a number of entrepreneurial companies, both start-ups and scale-ups.

We love working with entrepreneurial companies, both start-ups and scale-ups! Our legal robot Ida®makes many of our legal templates available. This is particularly valuable for entrepreneurial companies, that want to secure their values through sound legal documentation.

We provide advice to entrepreneurial companies on e.g.:

  • Financing, sales and acquisitions
  • Employee benefits and executive pay
  • Options and other forms of incentive schemes
  • Corporate governance
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Corporate law
  • Operational contracts
  • Customer and supplier contracts
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Development agreements
  • International issues
  • Protection of intellectual property rights (IPR)

Disputes and arbitration

You can trust us to handle dispute resolution, litigation, arbitration and mediation.

If a dispute or challenge needs to be brought before a court of law, you can rest assured that we will represent you with the legal gravity and authority needed in proceedings before court or for arbitration.

We handle everything from minor uncomplicated cases to large, complex cases involving hundreds of millions of NOK and months in court. We also provide counsel in large-scale and complex financial matters in criminal law.

You can rest assured that we have the necessary experience to advise you against taking a matter before the courts if such a process would be to your disadvantage. It is often possible to solve a dispute outside of court.

Other business law

Employment law, contract law, construction contracts and many other aspects of business law.

Our team consists of skilled, multidisciplinary corporate lawyers. We therefore also offer comprehensive legal advice across a number of other disciplines that form a natural part of a professional business law firm.

Other business law:

  • Employment law
  • Contract law
  • Construction contracts